This is Me

My name is Sarah. I hold no outstanding credentials or famous accolades. I’m just an average gal with a very generic name.

I’m a wife to an exceptional husband who’s ruggedly handsome, great at building things, eager to help people, and quick with his wit and sarcasm.

Wedding 7

I’m a mom to some wonderful children. Our son Caleb is my firstborn who fills my heart with joy and covers the floor with toys. He’s a friendly, compassionate, fearless toddler who loves Toy Story 3 and Monsters Inc. His favorite pastime is knocking things down. Our daughter Evelyn is our second child. She was only in our arms for 20 days, and I long for the day to see her again in heaven where we never have to say goodbye. I miss her more than words can express. Our third child recently joined our family through adoption. When it’s final (in just a couple more months) I plan to share an obnoxious amount of photos. Because it’s taken a lot of restraint to keep this cutie to ourselves.


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I like to read, do crafts, and drink coffee even though I have to reheat the same cup a dozen times before I finish it. I enjoy getting to know people and hearing their stories. I like to sing. I like to write.

I wish I could sew well. I’d like to be better at the guitar. Someday I may find time to plant a garden.

I love the Lord and I’m forever grateful for the grace he gives through Jesus.