Three Words That Changed My Life

“It’s a girl!” the doctor announced three years ago as I was lying on the operating table, welcoming our second child into the world. My eyes filled with tears of joy and delight at the thought of having a daughter for the first time.

Until seconds later when my world became a whirlwind of concerned voices, Life Flight transportation to a specialized hospital, machines, endless tests, confounded doctors, and finally the grim reality of inevitable loss.

Grief has changed and evolved over the last three years, though the subtle ache in my heart has never left even for a second. Our family has continued to grow by God’s wonderful grace, but it always feels incomplete without Evelyn here.

Yet through it all, there have been three powerful words that have forever changed my whole existence.

Not the words It’s a girl, though I treasure those words in the most special way.

But rather the words It is finished because these are the life-changing, world-changing, eternity-changing words that Jesus declared with his dying breath while hanging on a cross. The very savior of all mankind had finally come, just as God had promised, and he became the final, perfect sacrifice for our sins. So that through faith in him we can enjoy a lifetime and an eternity of his indescribable presence.

Today is a bittersweet day filled with both celebration and sorrow. It’s marked with grief but also with hope. Because I know that one day I too will open my eyes and see Jesus for the very first time. He’ll wipe away every tear and fix all of the sad and broken things.

Happy third birthday to our precious Evelyn Joy, our only daughter. We miss you beyond the depth of words. We love you more today than we ever have. And we can’t wait to stand next to you, worshiping Jesus.

One thought on “Three Words That Changed My Life

  1. I was listening to the words from a song…”through it all…my eyes are on you…and it is well with my soul” as I read your post crying.
    Sarah and Preston…you display this with the most amazing courage and witness to others who have experienced such loss and grief. I can’t tell you enough how much I love and adore you! Always in my heart and prayers. Coleen


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